Q & A 
Q-What do I need to bring my pet in?
A-We recommend that you bring your pet in on a leash or in a pet carrier.

Q- Do you tranquilize the pets? 
A- N0, we DO NOT tranquilize your pets. 

Q-Do I need to make an appointment?
A-Yes, please call ahead. There are times when it is just impossible to get your pet in on short notice. Please call to make sure we have an available time slot.  Holidays are extremely busy times. You WILL need to call ahead. 
Q- Will my dog be kept in a crate or kennel while it is there?
A-Yes & No.  Small pets are put in cages to ensure their safety.  Larger animals are not crated but are kept separate from other pets by tying them out.  Your pet’s safety and well-being is our top priority!   

Q-Will my dog be taken outside while it is being groomed?
A-No.   Being located near busy roads the safety of your pet would be put at risk if they were taken outside for a potty walk.  Please walk your pet before bringing them into the shop.  Please remember to clean up after your pet.  Paper towels, bags, etc. are provided, just ask.
Q- How long will I have to leave my dog there?
A- Most grooming takes approximately 3 hours to complete, so please plan to leave your pet for AT LEAST that long. There are several variables that affect the amount of time your pet will be our guest,  such as the condition, length and texture of your pet’s hair, the size and behavior of your pet, etc.  We will call you as soon as your pet is ready, or almost ready, so he/she won't have to stay any longer than necessary.  However, we cannot guarantee a set amount of time; all time quotes are estimates.  We like to take our time to do a beautiful job, and your pet will remain more relaxed if he/she does not sense we are in a rush, so please allow us all the time we need to do the job right.   Thank you!

Q-Why don't you quote an exact amount on the phone?   
A-Without seeing your pet we are not aware of what blades will get through certain types of coats, what condition the pet is in and what type of temperament the pet has. All these factors play a part in pricing, along with what type of style can be done on the pet versus what the owners want. In order to do a long style the pet has to be completely brushed out. We do not do extensive de-matting.  The safest and most painless way is to clip the pet down short and start all over again, then the owner can maintain the pet with proper brushing at home in between grooms. Extra fees could be applied to the extra time taken to clip down a pet because of matting or behavior and/or for a longer hand scissor style. So without seeing the pet, the condition of coat, and temperament, we can only estimate the cost.  

Q-When should my puppy have its first professional grooming? 
A-After your pup has had their required sets of vaccinations.  Our concern is for your puppy and that they not pick up something.  We disinfect, but some diseased are air born.  If your puppy needs their nails trimmed, because we know how sharp puppy nails can be, we will meet you at the front counter and trim them while you hold your puppy.
Grooming for a pup should start as soon as possible,  this helps to let the pup become acquainted with the sounds of the salon environment, noises such as dryers, clippers, other dogs etc. For a puppy's first grooming. we will probably NOT do a Full haircut.   Also, at home, please play with their paws so they get use to them being handled.  That helps us 
when we are working with their paws, trimming them and doing their nails.

Q-What forms of payment do you accept?
A-CASH, VISA, MC, AMX, DISC.  Sorry,  we do not accept checks.

Q-Should I tip the Groomer?
A-Yes, If you feel like they did a good job for you, please feel free to do so!
Tips are very much appreciated !


EACH Full Service Grooming includes:
A relaxing bath with an all natural Pet Shampoo & an
all natural Luxurious Conditioner
Facial Very Berry or Hypoallergenic
Haircut & Style
Nails Clipped & Filed
Ears Cleaned
Ears Plucked (if requested)
Glands expressed if needed
AND, of course, Lots of Love & HUGS!

At Hug N N Pups, we do NOT charge extra for this pampering;
we just believe in offering only the best at a reasonable price.

You will feel confident in leaving your special friend with us because our groomers are experienced, loving, & caring people with pets of their own and your companion will be treated like one of the family
Hug N Pups  Pet Grooming Salon where bath time is a treat and your pet's comfort comes first!

During the bath your pet is treated to a full body massage where we 
we check for lumps, bumps, bugs and any irregularities, and report the findings to the owner.
All Pets are bathed in high quality all natural pet shampoos & pet conditioners

We also have a hypoallergenic shampoo along with a hypo allergenic conditioner for our special friends who have a more sensitive skin  and for dry flakey skin, we have Neem Shampoo  along with a remoisturizing conditioner.

All of our shampoos are available for purchase in a smaller concentrated form, so you are able to bathe your pet at home in between groomings.

Hair Coloring, Nail Painting,  Flea & Tick Treatments, &
our PlaqClnz oral treatment can be done 
upon request for an additional charge.

Benefits of Grooming

Regular Profession Grooming Helps Keep Your Special Friend Healthy 
Appearance: Your pet will come home clean, smelling fresh, and having a beautiful haircut.

Coat Evaluation: The Groomer will examine your pet's skin and coat for any irregularities, such as lumps, bumps, flaky skin, and external parasites and report any problems to the owner. 

Eyes and Ears: The Groomer will identify any problems with the eyes and/or ears (redness, odor or discharge)   of your pet and report any problems to the owner. 

Nail Trim: Your pet's nails will be trimmed and filed during the grooming appointment 

   Glands: Your pet's glands will be checked and expressed if necessary.

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With their full service grooming, each of our four legged friends 
receives either a  or a Very Berry or Hypoallergenic Facial

When a new client calls to make an appointment, they are informed about the amount of time involved along with a price range.  At check-in, every client is asked to allow us an estimated 3-4 hours to complete their grooming services.  Please let me explain the grooming process at Hug N Pups.   Following is what happens when a furry friend comes in for a grooming:

1.  The pet's comfort is and always will be top priority for us.  Those four legged friends, who need a calming down period, are either placed in a kennel or held by one of the Hug N Pups Team until they are calmed down.  Some do better in a kennel while others do better on a tie out.  Some pets need to be pre-shaved, while others are immediately given their bath which includes 2 appropriate all natural shampoos followed by the appropriate all natural conditioner.  Their glands are checked and externally expressed if needed & ears are cleaned.  
2.  After their relaxing bath, each pet is either dried by a high powered velocity dryer if they will allow it.  If not, we either floor dry, or place them in a kennel with a regular circulating fan without any heart.  If we have to dry either by the floor or kennel method, the process can be prolonged.
3.  After the pet is dried, the appropriate steps are taken to get the pet ready for the grooming table.
4.  Grooming is begun.  This step of the process can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the size of the dog, style of hair cut, temperament, and flow of the work day.   We are not working with machines, but living breathing pets who sometimes need extra care and handling to keep them calm and free from any extra stress.  Certain conditions like matting can add to this step's completion time.  Nail trimming is done during this step.  We usually have two people doing the nail trim.  One holding and comforting the pet while the other clips and files the nails so they are as short and smooth as possible.

Hopefully I have explained the regular grooming process at Hug N Pups.  If a client would like to have their dog groomed in less than 3 hours, we can make adjustments in the scheduling to accommodate for the EXPRESS SERVICE for an additional fee.  We off the EXPRESS SERVICE Monday through some Fridays but not on Saturdays since we are extra busy.