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A Day at the Professional Groomers through the eyes of “Puppy Dawg”…. 

Bending over the tub (OUCH!) and somehow getting more shampoo & water on themselves than me helped “mom & dad” come to the conclusion that I needed to be taken to a professional pet grooming salon.  Not to mention that I wouldn’t sit still for the nail trimming AND we won’t even talk about what they tried to do to me with the clippers and scissors.
So off to Hug N Pups we went.  It was great!  The people there were so nice!  Smiles & hugs from the time we walked in the door.  After my folks filled out a little paper work, I went to the back with my groomer and enjoyed a relaxing bath followed by a luxurious conditioning treatment.  They checked me over for lumps, bumps, & irregularities, expressed my glands, dried me off and out to the front I went to finish my grooming. You should have seen my groomer in action using her artistic flare to brush, comb, style & cut my hair, trimming/filing my nails, and cleaning my ears.  With a spritz of their “signature” cologne along with a choice of a bandanna or bows, I was ready for my folks to pick me up. 
Mom was heard to exclaim, “He looks and smells so GOOD are you sure that’s my Puppy Dawg?” and dad had the biggest grin on his face while he was holding & hugging me.  Mom & Dad try hard to keep me looking and feeling great and now realize that professional pet grooming is one of the important steps they can take to help keep me healthy, happy, lookin, feeling & smelling great.  AND they also know that the best place to take me is Hug N Pups Pet Grooming Salon where their appointment schedule is very accommodating allowing my folks to make an appointment for me when it’s convenient for us.  Be sure and tell your folks about Hug N Pups Pet Grooming Salon where the experienced professional groomers take care of us “Puppy Dogs” & “Kitty Cats” with Lots of Love & Hugs.   

Hug N Pups Pet Grooming Salon
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2515 E Bell Rd Suite A
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