Sweetie, Voyou, & Lunjo's "Auntie"

I had come to Linda with a serious tick infestation problem that my grandmother came to me for. For months her three dogs seemed to be drained of energy, lifeless, not eating, not drinking, and crying all the time. I reached out to vets who stated they could not do a tick dip on the dogs until three weeks from now, Petsmart stated "we don't DO tick dips" and several other grooming pet store, pet salons, and several other businesses would pretty much hang up on me when I even mentioned ticks. We had contacted Linda who's name came to us from a friend who'd used her for her pets. Now by this point I was in tears because although grandma's dogs, they are family. She loves them and quite honestly they WERE indeed dying from the 40 some ticks that were removed from each dog in one day. I had almost had a meltdown because EVERYONE I spoke to was denying helping me. Hug N Pups store hours stated they closed at 5pm, she was kind enough to literally stay until 11pm just to ensure that all three dogs got their ticks removed one by one, removing ALL ticks she could possibly find, get their tick dips, their nails trimmed, their fur trimmed, their fur brushed out to take off some of the extra layers they had and make them beautiful for my grandmother. She was extremely detailed with all 3 dogs and at a very modest and very low price compared to all the other's I spoke to who wanted to give them just a tick treatment I could do myself with products I already had purchased and tried. Linda was literally our angel. My tears disappeared. My brother, in the meantime sprayed the yard top to bottom, and fumigated the house so by the time we returned with the dogs the home would be tick free, Between the efforts of Jack at Jack's Terminating extermination company who guided my brother, Hug n Pups Linda referred us too, and her delicate but very detailed work, we rid of the ticks. My grandmother's dogs are happy again, eating, playing, drinking, running, and wagging their nicely groomed tails. My grandmother’s home is healthy again, and we will be coming back to Linda and Hug N Pups every single time we need ANYTHING done with the family pets, my friend‘s pets ANY PETS. After this experience, I will NEVER go to anyone else again. Thank you Linda at Hug N Pups for caring for our dogs like we do, and loving them and as well for staying 6 HOURS after the store should of closed. You saved my dogs and my grandmother and the day! While giving me and my family the comfort of knowing we have an exterminator we can trust, and FINALLY someone who cares for our babies<-- aka dogs Sweetie Voyou and Lunjo like we do. Thank you for what you did. If anyone has read this review, please take me VERY seriously.... Hug N Pups was the cleanest, most professional, most wonderful experience, and fantastic groomers I have ever been to. Linda and her staff are very passionate and care VERY much about your pets like they did mine, and li
ke they do theirs. :) I would give it ten stars out of five but they didn't have it. So with that, I'll let you decide…

Here is a picture of Pepe...Hug N Pups cuts his hair!  Thanks for taking GREAT care of him.Have a Super, Wonderful DAY!!T "Star" J              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
I've got nothing but good to say about Hug N Pups.  The love and tenderness shown to the pets is extraordinary!

To Whom  It May Concern:
I found Hugs N Pups on the Internet and I was pleased as you are right down the street from us.
When I called inquire about getting our new rescued dog cleaned up, Linda was warm and welcoming.  I was further pleased when she said she was looking forward to meeting our new pup.
Upon entering you establishment I was greeted immediately by a friendly employee, Mary.
Mary walked me through the process, and right away I felt comfortable.  Beauty instantaneously bonded with Mary, tail wagging and all.  I knew we were in good hands!
All my questions were answered, and as a new dog owner this was much appreciated.  Mary also offered advice, which was really nice, seeing as we are new at this.
When I picked Beauty up she looked, well... Beautiful!
Thank you for your kindness.
We will be back!

The F..........Family  : - )

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More Comments from Our Many Satisfied Clients

Just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful work you did with Tilly.  I know she feels 100% better also!
Your staff is exceptional!!!!
Thanks again,

I wanted to compliment the groomer and the wonderful job she did for my cat, Cairo.  He is so happy with his hair clipped down.  He suffers from allergens and hairballs in the past, when he has been groomed, he will ignore me for 2-3 days.  This time it was different.  He has been so loving since his "haircut".  I feel that he is telliing the groomer and me "thank you so much.  I feel so much better."  Another bonus, no allergies or hairballs since Cairo's grooming at Hug N Pups.  Thank you so much for your patience and care with him.
I will definitely bring Cairo back to Hug n Pups.  I will also recommend you to anyone I meet that is looking for and exceptional groomer.
This comment was left on our answering machine:
"Hi, this is M....J......  I brought my dog Hannah in there on Saturday, a golden and she had her buzz cut. I want to complement the young woman that trimmed her, she did just a perfect job.  Really, Really, Really!  Hannah looked great!  So, thank you again, thank you, thank you!  Bye Bye."

I love Hug N Pups
My dogs are always happy and totally well cared for and groomed.  My dogs have had other grooming salons where they left as if escaping prison.  They were not just happy to go home, but desperate to escape!  At  Hug N Pups they are just happy to see me and go home not scared or desparate.  I just brought in the first of my two new rescue dogs.  Jack had never bad a bath aand was terrified.  They handled him beautifully and shaved him so he could swim in our pool.  His rescue buddy, Dingo, is going in next wee.  Dingo is not a pool dog yet but knows how to swim.  I love these people!  And, more importantly, my dogs love them.
Victoria L.
Bentley my 5 pound Maltese and Elliott my 12 pounder love their new home.  It's been great to request what I want and how I want it. I love their bear like faces but a well groomed body.  I especially love the little ties the girls make for our two boys, as they make our boys look like true professionals.  I have to admit I finally look forward in getting my two little guys out of the house for a couple of hours and getting some down time while they get groomed.  Thank you girls for making our boys even more snuggly and white.
G. P.
Verbal Comment by L. D.
"When my dogs start turning away from the door of a grooming salon, I don't go back because I know they (my dogs) are not happy.
My dogs come running to your door excited and happy to be here!"

Here is a picture of Pepe...Hug N Pups cuts his hair! Thanks for taking GREAT care of him.​Have a Super, Wonderful DAY!!​T "Star" J ​ ​

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