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Hey Linda, I only have a few minutes till Dad comes back to the computer, so thought I would write you a quick note,  This is Sioux Pooh, ya know the Landseer Newf. I don't know if you remember me, but I want to tell you how great it was when you had me and my friends, Harley, Tonka and Denali (3 other Newfs) to have you work on all of us on the same day. WOW! It was neat to have my friends at your facility all at once.  And the job done on all of us for the Parada Del Sol Parade, we looked AWESOME!! Oh oh I think dad is coming now, gotta go - 
Love Sioux Pooh

Linda,  just a note, when we purchased Sioux Pooh, we had to sign a contract that included a clause we were to give Sioux Nu-Vet Plus for 1 year, after that we could option to give or not to give her the pills. We opted to continue the Nu-Vet Plus and I don't know if it is helping or not, but Sioux is very healthy and loves taking the pills every morning.  She waits by the door where the pills are when I first arrive at home after work. 
Excellent Job  
By Vaibhav J.
Great place to have your pet groomed. I loved the way Icy smelled and looked after a visit here.  They use quality products on pet, the groomers are well trained and professional and the whole area is very neat and well maintained.
PROS: Staff, Products 
Pros: The Best Pricing I've Found, Great Service, Great Employees, Great Atmosphere, Clean
Groomer, 'Like-Perfect' Results
Cons: n/a
I want to say that I had the absolute pleasure of bringing in my 6 yr old chihuahua (Biggie) for a grooming at your facility.  This was the first time that I had my lil guy groomed and I must say I had no expectations as to what the outcome would be - I have a typical chihuahua that is not very social and was very concerned that his non social behavior would prevent him from moving forward with his appointment.
Well from our first contact by phone your staff was so welcoming and inviting that I was thrilled to be working with your establishment.  By the time I actually arrived w/my lil guy to work with the groomer I was back to my unsure stance as to whether or not his behavior would be a deterent to his grooming day.  The groomer was so pleasant and welcoming and assured me that his behavior would not be a problem and she would take good care of him while at your facility I was quite comforted in my decision.  As the day progressed and I received no phone calls of distress I was happy and realized that all would be well.
When my mother finally picked Biggie up and brought him home I was so amazed at the excellent work that I had to call and compliment the groomer for taking the time out to do such a good job on my lil guy.  He came home as a new man :) he is a mix of long and short hair chihuahua and had never had a professional haircut or grooming and when I saw that end result of his day at Hug N Pups I was so pleased that I was almost in tears at how handsome my boy looked.  Thank you for having great greoomers and thank you for taking such good care of my boy I really appreciate what you did for him/us.  I am sure he feels like a new man as he has been showing off ever since :)
Thank you Hug N Pups & Holly

C. W.

I am new in the area and so I did my homework and picked Hug N Pups for my goldens first groom.  Results=hands down best place we have been.  We've had goldens over the years and had them groomed by "professionals" in the business and yet Hug N Pups was better.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

We have brought our dogs here to Hug N Pups for a year or so and have never been happier.  The girls always take the time to do the job right & they treat our dogs like they were their own.
Thank you for all you do.

(Hug N Pups) was recommended by a friend and first visit exceeded all my expectations and then some.  I wont go anywhere else and  my groomer is great and very professional and very loving
Thanks Hug N Pups

My wife and I found Hug N' Pups when one of our scotties was going through 
cancer treatment.  They were so gentile and loving.  Our hearts belong to Linda and her team!
N&C T.

You are the greatest.  Our Jenny loves coming here and everyone on your staff are wonderful.  You listen to our needs and help us get what we want.  We look forward to returning.
E & M

Cut was good, went back to trim up the nails, the groomer decided to do this on her own
J. K.
My Groomer is an amazing groomer!  She made Oprah look so adorable.  I've had my dog's hair cut at other places and her hair always looked uneven and they never even bothered to cut the hair on Oprah's head.  My Groomer on the other hand made her hair even all over.  Oprah looked fantastic & felt fantastic after she got her new summer "do".  Thank you!  We will definitely come back again.
R. D.

Your staff is incredible and certainly cared for my dog!
Thank you!

Brad R.

My groomer  did a wonderful job on my exotic short hair "Pepper".  Really helped out with all her shedding.  "Pepper" always leaves here Happy :-).  So tack it from me and Pepper.
And the rest of the staff was awesome too. : - )

No matter who handles our dogs ~ They are always beautiful.. Thanks you so much for caring about them.

Verbal Comment by M.M.
"I like the new place, very comfortable, calming , positive energy!"

Hug N Pups are the best-OHANA
Mimi and mom love this place.  The new shop has great Feng Shui!
"Mimi" & CK

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